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        Registration Schedule for 2019 Spring Semester 2018/10/23
        Meeting with Experts of Undergraduate Teaching Evaluation 2018/10/22
        Poznan University of Technology Delegates Visits TUT 2018/09/28
        Delegates from The University of Strathclyde Visits TUT 2018/06/07
        Florida State University delegates Visits TUT 2018/06/01
        TUT's New Chapter of Cooperation with Universities from t... 2018/04/28
        Enrollment Information of 2018 Confucius Institute Schola... 2018/01/12
        Sino-U.S Program-Chinese Government Scholarship 2016/03/29
        2017-2018 University Program—Chinese Government Scholars... 2016/01/19
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        Registration Schedule for... 2017/04/06
        2017-2018 Bilateral Progr... 2016/01/19
        2017-2018 University Prog... 2016/01/19
        Enrollment Information of... 2016/01/19


        English Delivered Undergr... 2015/11/06
        Undergraduate Program of ... 2015/10/21
        Undergraduate Program of ... 2015/10/21
        Mid-East Europe Credit Ex... 2015/10/21

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