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        1. Contact us

        Email us to request for an Application Form, or directly download theApplication Form by clicking “Download Application Form” on the top right ofthis web page. Fill out the Application Form, and then send it to us in any ofthe following ways:

        * by email as an attached file:

        tutadmissions@gmail.com cie@tjut.edu.cn


        * or by fax:

        +86-22-60214343 (between 8:30am and 5:00pm, Mon. from Fri., Beijingtime)

        * or by postal service:

        International Student Office

        School of Chinese Language and Culture, Tianjin University of Technology

        Room 101, No. 391 Bin Shui Xi Dao, Xiqing District,

        Tianjin 300384, China

        Tele: +86-22-60214346

        Note: If you choose to send us your fill-out Application Form by email butit is not convenient for you to scan your filled-out Form, you may just emailit to us in Word format, leaving the photo frame blank, but you should rememberto bring us the original paper copy with your photo on it when you come to ourInternational Student Office for registration.

        2. Get your visa

        When you have received the admission documents sent to you by ourInternational Student Office, you may go to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate inyour country to get your visa.

        (1)X1 visa (studentvisa): If you are to take a long-term Chinese language program (more than 6months) or a degree program at our university, you should take the AdmissionNotice and the Visa Application Form for Study in China(JW202)Form sent to youby our International Student Office to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in yourcountry when you go there to get your visa. The visa official may issue you anX1 visa according to regulations.

        (2)X2 visa (studentvisa): If you are to take one-semester Chinese language program (under 6months), you should take the Admission Notice and the Visa Application Form forStudy in China(JW202)Form sent to you by our International Student Office tothe Chinese Embassy or Consulate in your country when you go there to get yourvisa. The visa official may issue you an X2 visa according toregulations.

        (3)L visa (touristvisa): An L visa holder, who is to stay in China for a few weeks/months, maytake a short-term Chinese language program (including summer and winterprograms) at our university. But please make sure that the validity of your Lvisa should be long enough to cover your duration of study at ouruniversity.

        (4)Z or S visa(employment-based visa): A Z or S visa holder, who works in china or whosespouse works in China, may apply to study at our university.

        Note: If you want to take a long-term Chinese language program or a degreeprogram at our university, but apply too late to have the necessary documentsto get an X1 visa or X2 visa before you leave your country, you cannot come asa tourist first (hold an L visa). The L visa cannot be changed to X visa accordingto regulations In this case, please make sure to get contact with us beforehand.

        3. Get to campus

        Download the guide maps from our website (by clicking “How to come” on theleft of this web page) before you leave for China. If it is not convenient foryou to download the maps, you can email us to request for them. The guide mapsare useful for you to get to campus when you arrive in Tianjin.

        If you wish us to send someone to meet you at the airport, email or fax usin advance the detailed information of your flight number, arriving date andtime ( Beijing time), name of the airport (Tianjin or Beijing), and arrivingairport terminal, etc. An airport-meet fee shall be charged.

        4. Registration

        Within 72 hours after your arrival on campus, come to register at ourInternational Student Office. Bring with you your passport, Admission Notice,JW202 Form, 3 photos (3 x 4cm) and, if required, the Physical Examination RecordFor Foreigners with original relevant examination reports.

        5. Payment

        Tuition and other fees shall be paid at the time of registration.

        6. Life on campus

        Food: There are quite a number of student cafeterias and restaurants oncampus, offering a good variety of foods, costing about $2.5 - $4 a day at yourown choice. Or you may cook for yourself, free public kitchens available at theInternational Student Dormitory.

        Accommodation: There are 2 types of furnished single and twin rooms at theInternational Student Dorm of TUT for you to choose from (refer to the page of“Expenses” on this website for detailed information). If you plan to stay inthe Dorm during your study at our university, you should mark your choice ofroom on your Application Form (The Dorm rooms are on a first-come-first-choosebasis);

        Students’ communities: International students are encouraged to join anyof the various student communities at TUT and make friends with TUT’s Chinesestudents.

        Sports:sports ground, tennis courts, outdoor/indoor courts for ball games, etc.

        Admissions Office, Tianjin University of Technology
        No. 391 Bin Shui Xi Dao Road, Xiqing District, Tianjin 300384, China
        Tel: +86-22--6021-4346 and/or +86-22-23679472   Fax: +86-22-60214343
        Email: tutadmissions@gmail.com    cie@tjut.edu.cn    gjjyxy@eyou.com    cielw@126.com