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        1. Registration Fee (Nonrefundable):RMB400 (about $58)

        2. Insurance Fee:  

        RMB300 (about $43) for 1 semester;  

        RMB600 (about $87) for 1 academic year  

        Notices: For those whose age is over 45 years old:  

        RMB600 (about $87) for one semester; RMB1000 (about $145) for one academic year  

        3. Tuition Fee for the Chinese Language Programs:  

        Regular Chinese Class


        Tuition (RMB)

        Long Term  

        1 year  

        RMB12,000 (about $1,739)  

        1 semester  

        RMB6,000 (about $870)  

        Short Term  

        4 weeks  

        RMB2,050 (about $297)  

        6 weeks  

        RMB2,870 (about $416)  

        8 weeks  

        RMB3,690 (about $535)  

        10-12 weeks  

        RMB4,510 (about $654)  

        Mini Chinese Class


        Tuition (RMB)

        1 on 1  

        Per Class hour  

        RMB80 (about $12)  

        2 on 1  

        Per Class hour  

        RMB70 (about $10) / per student  

        3 on 1  

        Per Class hour  

        RMB50 (about $7.2) / per student  

        4 on 1  

        Per Class hour  

        RMB40 (about $5.8) / per student  

        5 on 1  

        Per Class hour  

        RMB35 (about $5) / per student  

        ★1 class hour = 45 minutes  

        4. Tuition Fee for Other Programs:



        Tuition RMB

        Bachelor Degree Program  

        4 years  

        RMB16,400 (about $2,377) / per year  

        The tuition of some special programs is otherwise specified.  

        Master Degree Program  

        2.5-3 years  

        RMB20,500 (about $2,971) / per year  

        The tuition of some special programs is otherwise specified.  

        PhD Program  

        3 years  

        RMB30,000 (about $4,348) / per year for humanities study  

        RMB32,000 (about $4,638) / per year for science study  

        The tuition of some special programs is otherwise specified.  

        ★An extra pay of 30% shall be charged for programs taught in English.  

        5. Accommodation:

        International Student Dormitory (Double Room)

        Duration of Study




        Long-term Students  

        (4 months or above)  

        RMB45(about $6.5)/day/bed  

        Internet, Telephone, Cold / warm water, Beddings, Air conditioner, Central heating, Toilet with shower  

        *Voltage in China: 220V)  

        *public kitchen;  

        *card-operated washing machines (RMB35/10times);  

        *Accommodation fee shall be paid to the reception desk directly.  

        Short-term Students (under 4 months)  


        6. Additional Costs:

        Additional costs refer to your own personal expenses such as food, transportation, medical care, insurance, visa, residence permit, and physical examination, etc..  


        1. The amount of US dollars in brackets is for your reference. You may check on the Internet for latest exchange rate.  

        2. Text-book expenses are not included in the tuition.  

        3. Tuition fee shall be paid within the specified time. 5% shall be charged for any delay in payment.  

        4. All the fees listed above are subject to change. You may contact us for the latest information.  

        Admissions Office, Tianjin University of Technology
        No. 391 Bin Shui Xi Dao Road, Xiqing District, Tianjin 300384, China
        Tel: +86-22--6021-4346 and/or +86-22-23679472   Fax: +86-22-60214343
        Email: tutadmissions@gmail.com    cie@tjut.edu.cn    gjjyxy@eyou.com    cielw@126.com