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        The foreign students, who intend to study in China for 6 months or more, should go through a physical check-up before they come to China, according to the requirements of Physical Examination Record for Foreigners. The hospital seal should be put across the photo on the Examination Record, or the Record is invalid.

        Ⅱ.All the items of this form should be filled in carefully and clearly. The report should be attached with the negative film for Chest X-ray exams, and the examination certificates for labor story exams(Serodiagnosis), which include exams on Cholera, Yellow fever, Plague, Leprosy,Venereal Disease, Opening lung tuberculosis, AIDS, Psychosis, Liver functionand HB&AG. On their arrival at University, the Record (a original copy) and laboratory exam certificates will be sent to Tianjin Quarantine Bureau for check. Those whose exam is not complete or qualified should get the physicalre-check up done in Tianjin. The expenses should be covered by themselves. 

        .The physical examination should be taken in the public hospitals one month before their departure, If the physical check-up is done at a private hospital, the student should get the certificate notarized.If the physical check-up is over 6 months old on the day of their registration,they should have re-check up in Tianjin. The expenses should be covered by themselves. 

        .The Physical Examination Form is one of the documents that is needed in the process of going through the visa formalities.The students should bring the original copy along with them when they come to China. 


        Physical Examination Record for Foreigner

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